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In a massive project with a very broad scope, I, as part of a six-person design team, was tasked to unify the OOBE (out-of-the-box) experience of every product vertical in Amazon Digital Products’ rapidly-expanding portfolio of loosely related properties.

Many of these products, such as Echo and the tiny Dash Button previously had little or no brand identity, but now share a much greater degree of cohesion thanks to my team’s efforts in creating a modern and adaptable visual and user experience design language. These schema provided both a positive brand statement and a robust and flexible framework for future designers and products.

Role: UX & Visual Designer

Date: June 2016

Click here for a more in-depth look at the design process.


Some examples of the OOBE processes that greeted users prior to my team's involvement. Shown here: Fire TV WiFi setup, Fire TV first-run video, and Echo WiFi setup. These products lacked cohesion.

Some examples of my design work, or work to which I contributed, during this project.

My greatest individual contribution to the process of unifying the portfolio’s OOBE experiences was in my work to develop a visual style for illustrative content throughout the OOBE processes, especially important in tutorial and introduction videos. A visual language was almost entirely absent from Amazon’s products at this time but I, along with the team’s art director distilled a visual style that is both feasible, scalable, and adaptable across various products and media.

OOBE mid

Some examples of the design work my team and I contributed finding its way out of the OOBE segment and into the UI of products in Amazon's portfolio

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