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   The Disney Movies Anywhere (DMA) app allows users to watch their purchased Disney content on any device that supports it.

   When DMA first came on board Fire TV, however, there were some real problems. Connecting to an existing Disney account was wearisome and under certain circumstances could prevent users from seeing some of their previously purchased content.

   By working with developers and insisting on a high standard, I was able to almost entirely mitigate login issues and greatly streamline the process, resulting in a huge win for the user.

Role: UX & Visual Designer

Date: February 2016

Click here for a more in-depth look at the design process.


The initial UX problem: alleviate the common yet cumbersome pain of the multi-step, multi-device sign-in process. At left is the original sign-in prompt.


The eventual solution: a one-click sign in for most users by implementing the Login with Amazon authentication system. No password fields, no user pain.

Previously in the design process: the initial counter-proposal was in-app sign-in

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